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CNR-IIA recognized as key innovator by the EU's new platform "Innovation Radar"

CNR-IIA is proud to announce that the results of the ENERGIC OD Project have been selected for inclusion in the Innovation Radar Platform, an initiative launched on April 10th by the European Commission, which aimed to identify high-potential innovations and innovators in EC-funded research projects.

More specifically, CNR-IIA, AED-SICAD and BRGM have been named ‘key innovators’ for developing and successfully demonstrating their ‘Virtual Hubs for processing of geospatial open data’. They have been selected as 'innovations' with the highest level of maturity that is Optimization and considered ‘Ready to the market’.

Also, POLIMI and UNIZAR, supported by CNR-IIA, have been selected for the GEOPan app considered as 'innovation' with the same highest level of maturity and considered ‘Ready to the market’ as well.

More information about the Innovation Radar is available here:

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